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Summer is almost here. We’re down to the last two weeks of school here in Western New York. Actually, the last week and a half. The weather has been fantastic but we could use some rain. I guess that’s coming on Thursday!
The next 7 school days are FILLED with fun for so many schools and their Field Days. Without looking at my book, I know I’m at Como Park in Lancaster, Roosevelt Elementary, Niagara Falls Elementary, Anna Merritt in Lockport and both school 3 and 4 of Dunkirk, NY.
These shows are always about fun and a treat for the kids for putting in such hard work. I don’t remember elementary school being as hard as it is nowadays. Along with the fun, I always sprinkle in the “Say NO to Bullying” message in my magic shows. Just to remind kids that event though you won’t be in school this summer, Be Safe and Act Safe.
With the recent tragedies in Orlando and other parts of the world, we must stay strong and continue to try and teach our kids to be kind and help in this world. I know it’s tough and it’s a daily battle, but it’s something that has to be done. Enjoy the summer and Stay safe my friends!