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As a performer, I’m always looking ahead.  During a show, I’m always watching the audience to see reactions that only I know are coming.  With my everyday life and calendar, I’m always way ahead.  While most people are looking forward to Easter and the spring weather, I’m currently booking Summer Camps and events.

Soon, VERY soon, I’ll begin thinking about the fall.  Actually, It’s already started…

This past week I met with my friends at Doodlebugs Childcare Centers.  We reviewed what’s happened with my anti-bullying program in the last few months, talked about the schools, brainstormed and set a plan in motion for the next school year.  This year, we were all over Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh.  Well, next year looks to be bigger and better than ever!

I’m very happy and proud to announce that Doodlebugs has once again sponsored my show for the upcoming school year!  Not just here in Buffalo but in Rochester, Pittsburgh and NOW parts of Florida!


What does this mean exactly?

It means that they cover the cost to perform at your child’s school.  That’s right!  There is ZERO cost to your school or PTA if they book me with The Say No To Bullying Magic Show.

But really it means Doodlebugs cares about our community and your children.  It means they care about your schools and their well-being. 

Now, this does come with some small words of warning.  Doodlebugs ONLY sponsors a certain number of schools.  Once this number is filled, it’s GONE!

Every year we have a few schools that don’t get to take advantage of this amazing offer because they wait too long to contact me about this program.  So my question to you is “Why are you waiting?”

I can be reached at 716-698-2787 or mikeseege@gmail.com.

 Call, Text, email.  Just get your school on the list!  DON’T MISS OUT!