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People wearing red and pink.  Pictures of hearts everywhere.  Chocolate is for sale EVERYWHERE for your sweetheart.  February is a month of Love!

February for me is also a month that I start to get my paperwork and tax information ready for my accountant.  While most people dread that, I enjoy it.  I actually “LOVE” it. 

It’s during those days/weeks of me getting things sorted and ready that I get to look back at all of the shows I’ve done the previous year.  It brings back so many great memories. 

Something funny that happened in a show.

 A great line that a spectator said. 

A quick witted line that came out of nowhere to make that show even more enjoyable. 

These things make tax season a little more enjoyable for me.


January ended with a bang!  Stopping at two of my favorite schools in the area.  First was Lancaster’s William Street School and then off to Silver Creek Middle!  The programs went really well and as always were well received.  The participation from the students always puts a grin on my face.  Everyone is always so eager to help out.

In Lancaster, it was great seeing so many students that I’ve met throughout the years of performing at the elementary schools.  These kids are growing up so fast!!  It also makes my job fun to be able to call upon a friend’s child to come up and help with the show.  I try to make them the stars of the show, because THEY ARE the stars of the show.  It just might take a little nudge from me to make them understand and believe it. 

Next week I’ll be down in Florida and I’ll be stopping by Doodlebugs in West Palm.  It’s a total surprise for the students.  I hope to be able to bring some magic to them and put smiles on their faces.  I can’t wait!