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The end of the school year is fast approaching. With the short summer season that we have here in Western New York, EVERYONE looks forward to summer break. End of the year tests, exams and other events are taking place and along with the schools, we couldn’t be busier.
Phone calls, emails, texts, more phone calls. They all happen now more than ever. It’s now that schools are planning for next year. It’s certainly my favorite time of year. There’s nothing I enjoy more that opening my book to a empty September / October and filling it with schools. I won’t lie to you, I appreciate all of my schools that re-book the anti-bullying program every year. But my favorite booking is a school that has never had me before. They call and ask questions. Email a few possible dates. More questions. More emails. Then they book. They’re my favorite because now I know we’ll be friends for life.
You see, I always try to make each show/program special. That’s why I change it every school year. New tricks, new stories and more involvement from the audience.
There is a very special feeling though when someone hasn’t seen me for the first time. I love the first few minutes of the show right after the principal or school social worker has introduced me. From that moment until they get back to their seat, I’ve already got the children hooked. That first trick and that first moment of MAGIC is magic not only for the audience but for myself as well. To see the amazement in their eyes and smiles on their faces. Truly something that makes what I do so special. It’s Magic!
Magic is very dear to me. I’ve been making a living performing magic for years. I love combining it with my anti-bullying message. I feel it really helps children pay attention and listen to my message. I truly believe that’s why the Say No To Bullying Magic Show has been successful for so many years. Next year’s shows will be more magical than ever. I look forward to seeing all those smiling faces and making a difference.